We will take a short tour of Indian Sunsets ATP. ​​
We are an Authorized Trading Post, which can Only be owned and operated by the original family.
We have been in business since 1992 as an Authorized Trading Post.

Our products are Hand Made with 95 to 98% being One of a Kind.

Traditional Products are made by the Old Methods and some of the Modern Products, making these very unique.
Many of our gem stones like turquoise was purchase raw around 1969, and stored in our valults, untreated and not stablized. Many of these mines are no longer in production and these stones are rare. Like our Birds Eye Green Turquoise. 

Our employees are disabled vets, others with disabilities, senior citizens, and young people needing to learn the traditions. We teach people traditions, customs, and culture behind our products, in order that the Native American skills will not be lost.

Our Production Center is locate beside the Peace Hawk Intertribal Culture Center. Which is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. This organization is operated by our staff and dedicated to helping and training people and rescuing wolves.
The organization DOES NOT except Monetary donations. It solely depends on the sale from Indian Sunsets ATP to operate. 

Comanche - Native American.
Owners Sandra and Dan Beckworth
My Native Name is Agaliha Noquisa.
I sign my art work Noquisa.

I started playing with art at the age of two and by the age of three, was working with different art medias, and when I was ten, I sold my first art piece for $20.00.
Artist in the fields of Art (Full Shading Color Pen and Ink on Cloth & Leather).
Under the guidance of my third Grandmother started hand sewing. Was cutting fringe, c
ording and weaving wolf fur for clothing at the age of seven. 
As I grew up I learned many skills that has proven very useful in making Hand Made One of a Kind Products.
Jewelry, Leather, Special Clothing Designs, Customs Designs, and Commission work.
I worked from home taking care of my Son, sold at Powwows & Trade Shows.
When my Husband Passed, I was left with a son to raise and little money.
Making the hard decision to totally rely on my traditions and teachings I went to a military base and opened a small store. Within a year I had two stores and in five years I operated five stores in four towns. These I owned and operated until an accident disabled me.
After fighting my way back and relearning many things,my work canning the globe, and married a wonderful man, I decided to open a web store to help the families and to fund the Center which helps and trains people, so the traditions are not lost. 
Love Rescuing Animals and Raising Wolves.

Dan Beckworth - Owner & Designer


As a Child collected stone, had a Passion for natural gems and for this was given the name "The Man from the Clear Power Stone", or " The Crystal Man". This lead to cutting gems & designed for 25 yrs. Comanche, follows Native Indian Ways & loves teaching culture at Peace Hawk Intertribal Cultural Center 501(c) org. dedicated wolf rescue and helping people.

Thank You for taking the time to visit with us.
May the Creator Bless.
Sandra and Dan